This man was about to commit suicide. He had climbed to the far side of a bridge, where his next step was to death. But while he was there, passers-by came to him, hugged him, and kept him from jumping. Others tied whatever they could around him, so that it couldn’t happen.

We live in a difficult and often unkind world. Compounding that, we are all born with internal conflicts and swim in a sea of negativity and manipulation. For some of us, it becomes too much and they are tempted to escape the pain. But while these sad things are true, there is also a great deal of good in the world, including people who are open and eager to take benevolent action. And that is what we’re seeing here.

* * * * *

Now, before you go back to the mundane, please remember someone you helped, or saw being helped. Then, as you begin your day, try to find someone to contribute to. Any kind of help, in any amount, will a positive contribution to humanity and to your own development as well.

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